Hydrocarbon Data Systems
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  • HDS 2000 Log Analysis Program takes your digital data and converts it to a Microsoft Access database. Typically there are 1-5 data sets per well, but this system can easily work with very large Curve and Array Data sets in excess of 250,000,000 bytes of information.
  • Our system first released in 1984 and has undergone radical changes each and every year. Our continuing efforts give you a very complete and well rounded mechanism for the petrophysical analysis of your company’s well logs.
  • Set the program up on a desktop, laptop or Local Area Network computer.  It will save data to any local network or USB drive.
  • Windows based processing for 32-bit Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
  • HDS 2000 has also been tested on Windows Vista 64-bit. Some modules in our program will be available this year as 64-bit components to utilize all of your computers power.
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